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"Growth Effects of Geographic Redistributive Policies", (with Calin Arcalean and Gerhard Glomm), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2012), 36(7)


"Political Economy of Education" (with Gerhard Glomm and B. Ravikumar), Handbook of the Economics of Education (2011), vol. 4, Eds. Eric Hanushek, Stephen Machin and Ludger Wößmann

"Public versus Private Investment and Growth in a Hierarchical Education System" (with Calin Arcalean), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2010), 34: 604-622

"Public Budget Composition, Fiscal (De)Centralization and Welfare", (with Calin Arcalean, Gerhard Glomm and Jens Suedekum), Canadian Journal of Economics (2010), vol. 43(3), 832-859


Working Papers

"Optimal higher education enrollment and productivity externalities in a two-sector model", with Volker Meier

"Inequality and Education Funding – Theory and Evidence from the US School Districts", with Calin Arcalean

"Technology Adoption, Human Capital Formation and Income Differences"

"Macroeconomic Effects of Higher Education Funding Policies"